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Community Opportunities & Resources

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Peer Counseling for 
Trans Individuals


Trans Advocacy and Care Team offers peer counseling for trans individuals.  Their Gender Advocates can help you navigate your gender congruence journey and get connected to resources.

Their Gender Advocates are not medical professionals, mental health professionals, legal professionals, or licensed social workers.

Gender Advocates are volunteer peer counselors who support other trans people through their gender journeys by helping them navigate systems and access affirming resources.

They are trans people helping other trans people thrive.

For more information and to request a call with a Gender Advocate, click below.

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Donate Blood Today


The FDA no longer broadly excludes gay and bisexual people from donating blood and has moved to a more targeted questionnaire about an individual's sexual history. You can read more about these changes on the website.


It’s now easier than ever before for LGBTQIA+ community members to donate blood. Every two seconds, someone in the United States needs blood. From trauma victims and patients undergoing surgeries to individuals battling cancer and those with chronic illnesses, the demand for blood is constant and ever-present. Yet, the supply often falls short of meeting this critical need.


Click the link below to find a location near you to donate blood.

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Become a Local
Peer Mentor


The NAN Project is looking for young adults and recent high school graduates with mental health lived experience to use their stories of resilience to provide hope in schools around Massachusetts.  

The peer mentor role is paid, flexible, and part-time.  Peer mentors receive training in public speaking, suicide prevention, and other life skills.  Bilingual speakers are encouraged to apply.  

Training will take place on a rolling basis in the greater Lynn area this summer.   Training will take place over a four-day period, and attendees will be paid a stipend of $250.

To learn more and to apply, click the link below.

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College Scholarships & Grants for LGBTQIA+ Students


Click the link to see a list of college scholarships and grants for LGBTQIA+ students.


NAGLY did not create this list and is not responsible for any of the content.

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Free GED/HiSET Classes

Register for an in-person Information Session:
1) Go to
2) At the top of the page click "Apply for
GED/HiSET classes"
3) Complete the form

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Report Discrimination in Housing


The Department of Housing and Urban Development is now looking at complaints and inquiries from the last year to see if they warrant further investigation.  If you have clients, community members, or staff that have, in the last year, experienced discrimination in housing, please advise them that they can still take action to have their cases heard.  

Examples of what constitutes discrimination are:


  • Shelters refusing access because of gender identity or forcing someone to stay in a sex-segregated shelter that doesn’t align with their identity.

  • Rentals declining a rental application for any reason other than the prospective renter not meeting stated qualifications or lying about availability.

  • Harassment- asking for sexual favors in exchange for rent or a landlord creating a hostile environment through harassing comments on a tenant’s appearance.

  • Ads for housing that say things like “no same-sex couples” or marketing that is targeted to exclude certain communities.

  • The directive also protects people who experience discrimination on multiple bases, such as race, familial status, and sexual orientation.

Complaints can be filed by clicking below or by calling 1-800-669-9777 or 1-800-877-8339.

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Access All of NAGLY's Event Posters


Just scan the QR code above.

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"How to Be an Ally to LGBTQIA+ Youth": Free Online Training


The Hanna Institute offers a our free, on-demand training on supporting LGBTQ+ youth to promote resiliency and decrease the risk for suicide.  Click below to access the training.

Image by Nick Fewings

Pride Books for Children Available at Local Libraries


Click below to access a list of LGBTQIA+ children's books available at NOBLE (North of Boston Library Exchange) libraries.

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Resources for Survivors of Sexual Assault and Abuse 


Helping Survivors is part of a growing movement of concerned citizens, survivors, and professionals working to ensure the right of every person to build a life free from the devastating consequences of sexual assault and abuse.

The resources that they provided, at the website below, are intended for individuals who have experienced sexual assault or abuse and are seeking support.

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Trans-Friendly Salons & Barber Shops


Strands For Trans is bringing gays, straights, women, men, anyone, together to create more trans-friendly barbershops and hair salons. If you're a customer, search for a trans-friendship shop or salon. If you're a barber or stylist, join in and let’s help this community feel welcome.

Image by Annie Spratt

Resources for Alcohol & Substance Abuse in the LGBTQIA+ Community

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Free Legal Assistance With Name Change For Transgender Individuals


UMASS School of Law is offering free legal assistance with name changes to transgender individuals.  For more information or to schedule a confidential consultation, call 508-985-1159 or email

Image by The Jopwell Collection

Online Resources for LGBTQIA+ College Students


A website that connects LGBTQIA+ college students to 50 high-quality online resources that are all designed to help them find academic and personal success.  From caring for mental health to finding ways to pay for college, students be able to find anything they might need in this guide.

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Find a LGBTQIA+-Friendly Healthcare Provider


Search the directory to find an LGBTQIA-friendly health provider near you.

Are you a provider?  Sign up to be added to the directory.

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Become a Mentor


Looking to make a positive impact on the lives of LGBTQIA+ youth?  Linked Mentoring is looking for new mentees in their program.  By joining you will build a supportive, trusting, and empowered relationship with an LGBTQIA+ youth through one-on-one mentoring.  You can also take advantage of community-building and leadership opportunities.  

Mentoring is done at a distance and online. 


If you're interested or looking for more information, click below.

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Join the NAGLY Alums Facebook Group


Former NAGLY youth, parents, staff, and community members are encouraged to join the NAGLY Alumni Facebook Group.  Click below to join.

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Report Workplace Discrimination


If you’re a member of the LGBTQIA+ community and you’re being discriminated against at work you need to know that you have legal protections against discrimination and bullying.  Title VII of the Civil Rights Act says that no employer can discriminate against their employees because of race, religion, sex, or national origin. But the Supreme Court has expanded that and ruled that the
protections of Title VII also protect people from discrimination based on gender, identity, and orientation. Your employer cannot legally discriminate against you or harass you.


If you’re experiencing discrimination at work, you can file a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The EEOC was formed to investigate claims of workplace discrimination. The EEOC also has an agreement with 44 states to share information with the state labor authorities. If you live in one of those 44 states and you file an EEOC complaint the state will also get a copy of that complaint and any supporting evidence you submit.

Click below for more information and to file a compaint.


Free Online Library of Audio and Ebooks 


OverDrive is an online library where you can check out audiobooks and ebooks for free.  OverDRive has a wide variety of books, but Candid for OverDrive has a selection of books for "diversity, equality, and inclusion".  To use OverDrive, you'll just need a free, public library account.  If you don't have one contact, your local public library.  To get started with OverDrive, click below.

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