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"Although I had to drag my son Jonah the first night, there was no way I was ever getting him out of there.  NAGLY instantly and completely became his home"


“At meetings, the teenagers jump into each others arms and there are many smiles for the entire time. The hard part is when they need to say good-bye for the night. You seriously have to pry them away from each other. . . . NAGLY’s parent group has been incredible for me. It’s nice to know that other adults really understand what I am feeling. There are parents that drive an hour away to come to our meetings because it makes them feel good and heard."

— Carol


“Both of my kids are now young adults and have truly benefited from their experiences at NAGLY: the friendships that they have made, the risk reduction information that they've learned, and the overall sense of community. I was so impressed with nAGLY as an organization that I became an advisor and have found that the time spent working with our NAGLY youth, peer leaders, staff and volunteers is the best 'food for the soul' one could ever want.”

— Maureen

"Now more than ever we need places like NAGLY, where every kid who walks through the door finds a brave space.  It is a place for them to go where parents know they are safe being their authentic selves."


“As a firmly out, transgender-identifying person today, I can genuinely say that NAGLY has given me the skills I need, thirst for advocacy, and sense of self that moves me forward every single day.”

— Alex


“NAGLY is my second home and has made me the person I am today. I started coming at fifteen . . insecure and alone . . . the only queer kid at my school, and have since joined the staff full time. I love NAGLY for building me into a leader, introducing me to the LGBT community, and giving me a reason to live. I would not be here without them.”

— Becky

“I went to NAGLY as a troubled teenager.  It was a small piece of respite from my insane adolescence. That was 15 years ago. Recently after losing my mother to cancer, I returned as an adult volunteer, and once again, found a community where I was welcomed, where I feel I can find respite in a new way, during another turbulent period in my life. I believe in NAGLY, and I feel blessed to be a part of what is happening there”

— Leah

“I support NAGLY because I want to support people to be exactly who they are. I support NAGLY because NAGLY supports our future. I am grateful to be a part of the extended NAGLY community; I wish it had been around when I was young. Supporting NAGLY now is more important than ever."

— Maureen

"NAGLY is a safe place for people who feel unsafe around others who might not understand them or consider their opinion or their ideas."


"I found a second home at nAGLY, at a time when I needed it most."


"At my first meeting, I was fairly shy to be in a room where I knew almost no one, but that shyness had completely melted away by the end of the evening. Being surrounded by like-minded people opened my eyes to a world which I otherwise would never have known."


"As someone who used to get bullied for self-expression and many other things that made me myself, I felt like I finally found a group of people who accepted me for who I am completely and sincerely." 


"Before I found out about NAGLY, I couldn’t really talk to my parents about my sexuality. On my first visit to NAGLY, I was welcomed with open arms, and by the end of the night, I didn’t want it to end."


"NAGLY is a place where I know I won't be judged for who I am, and where I can be myself, instead of what everyone wants to be.  It's the only place where I feel safe and surrounded by friends."


"NAGLY taught me that loneliness is not an option."


“NAGLY means I have a place to learn and experience things I would not get the chance to in my everyday life, as well
as provide opportunities to be involved in my community.”

— Richard


“NAGLY helps me through the bad times and the good times. I met people that helped me grow and learned I could be myself there.”

— Roxas


“NAGLY means a place for me to be me, feel safe, and be accepted.”

— Jay


“NAGLY is one of the most incredible organizations. The people have your back when no one else does. The staff are there when you need help. NAGLY is truly a safe space that I look forward to each week.”

— Anonymous


“No matter who you are or where you come from I guarantee that you will be welcomed into the NAGLY family.”

— Scarlett

“I'm reaching the age of 20 next month, and I have been going to NAGLY since I was 14 years old. Throughout my teenage years I have had struggles . . . a lot of downsides.  But knowing that I could look forward to NAGLY on Tuesdays always helped. NAGLY has been a beautiful and therapeutic part of my life.”

— Jackie

“NAGLY helped me stay social and optimistic when I hit a very dark point in my life. It played a big part of my teen years and really helped me build confidence in myself. I also built life-long friendships from the people I met there and have been very
thankful of that.”

— Cat


NAGLY was the first place I didn’t cry for sadness but instead for joy."


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