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Youth Meetings

Youth meetings (for ages 14-23) cover a wide range of topics, from safe sex and healthy relationships, to LGBTQ issues, to open mic and game nights, and everything in between. Attendees are encouraged, though not required, to participate in the conversation, while learning various tools for maintaining happy, confident, and healthy lives.  Programming is led by our Peer Leaders and Adult Advisors.


5:30-6:30pm   Social time

6:30-8:30pm  Meeting


In-Person at NAGLY in Salem


Online: Click Here



Transgender and non-binary youth have specific questions and concerns over and above those we might address in our regular youth meetings, and Transcendence is there for them. Led by transgender and non-binary adult advisors and peer leaders, this group allows those questions and concerns to be answered in a supportive, understanding environment.  This group is for youth aged 14-23.




In-Person at NAGLY in Salem


Online: Click Here


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Little Rainbows

Little Rainbows is a group designed for youth between kindergarten and Elementary school age to work within the space on social skills, communication, proper play skills, all in a safe and affirming space.

Parents/guardians must accompany youth to this group.

This group will be split into two hours.   The first hour will be spent with the family and the group facilitator in a large group.  This time will be spent providing resources, experiencing the space together, and expressing gender identity and self-expression.  The second hour will be spent with the facilitator and the children working in a group setting.  Proper play skills, communication, and social skills will ensue.  The idea of this group will be an entry into affirming one's identity and developing the social skills needed for the transition into middle school.

Every other Wednesday


Check the calendar for exact dates.

In-Person at NAGLY in Salem


NAGLY North square


NAGLY North is a satellite of NAGLY in Newburyport.   Meetings are for students in grades 6-12 who identify as LGBTQ+.  Youth can be from any city or town.

First and third Wednesdays of each month


Meetings are held at the Newburyport Senior Center at 331 High St., 2nd Floor, in Newburyport

Questions about NAGLY North?  Contact:

Tarah MacGregor

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Health Consultations

Counseling by YWCA Rape Crisis Staff: 


Tuesdays, 5:30-8:00 PM


Fridays 4:00-7:00 PM

In-person at NAGLY in Salem  



D&D Club: Saturdays, 12:00 - 2:00 PM

Poetry Club: First Thursday of every month, 3:00 PM 

Book Club: Last Thursday of every month, 3:00 PM, starting in September

Yoga Club: Sunday, 5:00 PM

No experience is necessary to join.  Please arrive 15 minutes early.

All clubs are in-person at NAGLY in Salem.



The Healthcare Education And Risk Reduction Team (HEARRT) promotes individual and community wellbeing by providing healthcare education and risk reduction intervention. 

Contact for more information.

N-Tale Square


N-TALE is NAGLY's Training & Leadership Education Program.  The program provides internships and/or community service hours to high school students and college-aged interns. 

N-TALE program also partners with local schools and districts to collaborate with NAGLY and to provide resources, programming, and conferences. The N-TALE program would like to be embedded into all North Shore school districts within the next few years. 


For more information, visit the

N-TALE page.


Middle School Youth Group

Our Middle School Youth Group's primary function is to lessen the isolation, depression, and uncertainty many youth feel during their pre-teen years. The meetings are casual, talk is enthusiastic, and support is abundant! All meetings are supervised by adult advisors, who lead the conversations and activities.  





In-Person at NAGLY in Salem


Online: Click Here

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Educators & Parents in Communication

The Educators and Parents in Communication Group's ("EPiC") mission to assist parents, educators, and caregivers in becoming the best advocates and allies for their children/young people who identify within the LGBTQ+ community.  Meetings are focused on providing valuable information regarding risk reduction, gender identity, LGBTQ+ culture, resources, and a host of other topics.  All meetings are facilitated by adult advisors and are a safe space for caregivers to seek resources, information, peer-to-peer support, and a better understanding of the issues that affect our LGBTQ+ youth.  Meetings are free from judgment and respectful of attendees' input and concerns. We welcome you to join us, as it is affirming to know that others are undertaking similar journeys with their children.

Third Monday of every month


E.P.I.C. meets in person at NAGLY in Salem

Queer Adulting

Queer Adulting

A group specifically for young adults aged 18-23

Every other Tuesday

6:30-8:30 pm

Check the calendar for exact dates.


Cape Ann NAGLY

Cape Ann NAGLY is our satellite in Gloucester.  Meetings are held at the Younity Center at 6 Elm St. in Gloucester.   This group is for youth aged 14-23.



Questions?  Contact:

Amy Kamm

Coordinator/Adult Advisor

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NAGLY Lynn is a satellite of NAGLY that meets in Lynn.  This group is for youth aged 13-23.

Resumes on Thursday, September 15


Beginning in October, the first Thursday of every month

Demakes Family YMCA

40 Neptune Blvd. in Lynn

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Drop In Hours

These hours are for NAGLY in Salem.





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Case Management

Currently on hold

Get support with employment, mental health resources, housing insecurity, education, employment, applying to college, or other personal goals.  Drop in or schedule an appointment at

In-person at NAGLY in Salem

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Tutoring Clinic


12:00-4:00 PM

In-person at NAGLY in Salem


Building Relationships Better (BRB)

Building Relationships Better is a partnership between the YWCA North Shore Rape Crisis Center and NAGLY, the North Shore Alliance of GLBTQ Youth. Our aim is to work within the local community of LGBTQ+ youth and youth serving agencies to create empowerment, autonomy, and interpersonal skills in the hopes of reducing sexual violence within this at risk population. We do this through education and outreach, with a focus on giving the youth in our community a voice so that we all may learn from each other in this endeavor. There are many types of relationships that need navigating in this world and it is our goal to provide youth with the building blocks necessary to do so with confidence and respect.

Contact; or