Volunteer With NAGLY

NAGLY offers a variety of opportunities for both youth and adults to volunteer with us.  Please take a look at the lists below.   If you're interested in volunteering for or knowing more about a position, contact the staff member at the top of the column.  If you have another idea for volunteering, please contact one of the staff members below.  

All volunteers at NAGLY must undergo an interview, training session, and CORI (criminal record check) check.   The latter is required by state law for volunteers working in a situation where there are youth present.

Volunteer Positions

For positions in this column


Tony Leone

Director of Community Services

& Engagement

Director of N-TALE: Training & Leadership Education


General Volunteers

Event Volunteers


Adult Advisors &

Adult Advisor Interns

Peer Leaders &

Peer Leader Interns

Outreach Team

Volunteer Positions

For positions in this column contact:

Todd Patton

Social Media Director


Manager, Pride Place Market


Social Media Coordinators & Social Media Managers

Social Media

Cotent Creators

Social Media Interns

Videographers &

Video Editors

Graphic Designers

Pride Place Market Associates