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N-TALE is NAGLY's Training & Leadership Education Program.

The program provides internship and/or community service hours to high school students and college-aged interns.

N-TALE program also partners with local schools and districts to collaborate with NAGLY and to provide resources, programming, and conferences. The N-TALE program would like to be embedded into all North Shore school districts within the next few years. 




• The youth must receive permission from their school, along with a written contract signed by the youth and the N-TALE director.


• The youth must orchestrate a meeting with their school’s contact along with the N-TALE director to finalize the internship.


• The youth along with the N-TALE director will monitor and keep track of all hours required by the school.


• The N-TALE director will submit any required check-ins and submit a final evaluation along with a timesheet to the school once the internship is deemed complete.


If you are interested or have questions, please contact:

Tony Leone

Program Director


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