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HEARRT is NAGLY's Health Education & Risk Reduction Team.

The Healthcare Education And Risk Reduction Team (HEARRT) promotes individual and community well-being by providing healthcare education and risk reduction methodologies to NAGLY staff, youth, and the greater LGBTQIA+ community. Our goal is to empower our community members by equipping them with knowledge and skills to make informed choices when faced with difficult situations, particularly those endemic to the LGBTQIA+ community.


As healthcare education and risk reduction are topics that require a greater time commitment than most others, including upkeep on rapidly changing information and guidance, HEARRT members will have access to additional benefits and incentives.

Topics include:

  • Risk reduction resources

  • Safe sex and sexual education

  • Consent

  • Risk factors including alcohol, drugs, and tobacco and vape usage

  • Health education

  • Testing for HIV and STDs

Have questions, contact the coordinator Tyler W at

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