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Youth Opportunities & Resources

Image by Nick de Partee

 NAGLY Boutique

The NAGLY Boutique is a gender-affirming clothing space located in NAGLY Salem.  All clothing is free!  We invite all youth to shop and explore their gender expression.

If you would like to donate to the boutique, please send an email to to find out what we are in need of. 

Image by The Jopwell Collection

Online Resources for LGBTQ+
College Students

A website that connects LGBTQIA+ college students to 50 high-quality online resources that are all designed to help them find academic and personal success.  From caring for mental health to finding ways to pay for college, students be able to find anything they might need in this guide.

Image by Naassom Azevedo

Become a Local Peer Mentor

The NAN Project is looking for young adults and recent high school graduates with mental health lived experience to use their stories of resilience to provide hope in schools around Massachusetts.  

The peer mentor role is paid, flexible, and part-time.  Peer mentors receive training in public speaking, suicide prevention, and other life skills.  Bilingual speakers are encouraged to apply.  

Training will take place on a rolling basis in the greater Lynn area this summer.   Training will take place over a four-day period, and attendees will be paid a stipend of $250.

To learn more and to apply, click the link below.

Image by Shawnee D

Become a Mentee

Are you between the ages of 7 and 12?  Linked Mentoring is looking for new mentees in their program.  By joining you will build a supportive, trusting, and empowered relationship with an LGBTQIA+ adult through one-on-one mentoring.  You can also take advantage of community-building and leadership opportunities.  

Mentoring is done at a distance and online.

All mentors are screened and trained LGBTQIA+ adults with a passion for building LGBTQIA+ community and supporting LGBTQIA+ youth. 


If you're interested or looking for more information, click below.

Imi Guide Is Here (2).png

Free Mental Health Tools for LGBTQIA+ Youth

imi is a free, digital, science-backed mental health web tool for queer teens to learn coping skills, hear stories from real LGBTQIA+ teens, and explore resources that affirm queer identities and boost mental health.

Click below for details and to access imi for free.

Image by Adam Winger

Trans-Friendly Salons & Barber Shops


Strands For Trans is bringing gays, straights, women, men, anyone, together to create more trans-friendly barbershops and hair salons. If you're a customer, search for a trans-friendship shop or salon. If you're a barber or stylist, join in and let’s help this community feel welcome.

Image by Felicia Buitenwerf

Join the NAGLY
Outreach Team


Youth are invited to join NAGLY's Outreach Team  

  • Represent NAGLY at events, outings, and workshops

  • Develop organizational and public speaking skills

  • Share your stories and experiences

  • Build relationships with Community Partners

  • Participate in valuable trainings

  • And more!

Contact Tony Leone at if you're interested.

q chat.png

Q Chat Groups


Q Chat Space provides online discussion groups for LGBTQIA+ teens ages 13 to 19. It is not a forum. It is live and chat based; there is no video or audio. Everyone is chatting during the same pre-scheduled time.

Conversations are facilitated by experienced staff who work at LGBTQIA+ centers around the country.

For more information and to get started click below.

Q Chat is a collaboration of Center Link, PFLAG, and Planned Parenthood

Image by Sharon McCutcheon

Watch "Queer Youth Changing the World" Series on YouTube


“Out in Front: Queer Youth Changing the World” is the new "It Gets Better Project" docu-series that offers a look into the lives of five LGBTQIA+ activists who are using their voices to champion a better tomorrow.  Click the button below to watch. 

Image by Georgie Cobbs

 NAGLY's Digital
Community Art Board

NAGLY has its own digital art board on Magma for youth!


Please adhere to the following:

  • No inappropriate art (nudity, gore, etc.)

  • No swearing in chat or on the canvas

  • Everyone is limited to 10 layers (you can merge layers if you're running out)

  • Don't draw on top of someone else's art unless you and that artist have agreed to work on that piece together

  • Don't make one big drawing to cover the whole canvas


Open to ages 11-17 to partake in!  Click below to get started

Image by Nick Fewings

Pride Books for Children Available at Local Libraries

Click below to access a list of LGBTQIA+ children's books available at NOBLE (North of Boston Library Exchange) libraries.

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Queer Youth Animated

"Queer Youth Animated" is a series of bite-sized interviews with the current generation of LGBTQIA+ Youth, animated and scored by queer artists.  You can stream current and past seasons by clicking below.

NAGLY did not create and is not responsible for the content of the videos.

Image by Erika Fletcher

LGBTQIA+ College Guide

"LGBTQIA+ students have a significant presence on college campuses. In   While many colleges try to make their campuses welcoming to LGBTQIA+ students, their success rate varies. If you’re a prospective college student who identifies as LGBTQIA+, it’s important that you research schools to make sure they’ve created a supportive environment.  In this guide, you’ll learn how to research colleges and review additional topics such as the unique challenges LGBTQIA+ students face and the resources and legal rights available to them."

NAGLY is providing this as a resource but it not responsible for the contents.

Image by Element5 Digital

Resources for LGBTQIA+ Students Getting Ready for College

To make college a little easier, here's a guide of resources for LGBTQIA+ students in higher education, including scholarships, resources, clubs, anti-bullying hotlines and more. For anyone considering themselves to be somewhere along the gender, sexuality, or romanticism spectrum, this is some helpful information such as ways to make the college campus feel more inclusive and less homophobic and some top resources for LGBTQIA students going to or getting ready for college.

Image by MD Duran

for LGBTQIA+ Students


There are numerous scholarship opportunities for LGBTQIA+ students. This comprehensive guide covers everything from common questions about the application process to Title IX and LGBTQIA+-friendly colleges.

how life.jpeg

Watch "How Life Is: Queer Youth Animated"


Watch "How Life Is: Queer Youth Animated", which covers the experiences that LGBTQIA+ youth navigate, such as coming out, blended families, relationships, peer acceptance, homophobia, parity, and more.

Pride Parade

Blogs For and By LGBTQ+ Youth


Check out the Youth Voices Blog, an online blog for LGBTQIA+ youth by LGBTQIA+ youth. Youth Voices exists to share the perspective of the world from the eyes of today’s queer youth through various forms of media.  Click below to head to their site.

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Access All of NAGLY's Event Posters


Just scan the QR code above.

Image by Austin Kehmeier

Peer Counseling for
Trans Individuals

Trans Advocacy and Care Team offers peer counseling for trans individuals.  Their Gender Advocates can help you navigate your gender congruence journey and get connected to resources.

Their Gender Advocates are not medical professionals, mental health professionals, legal professionals, or licensed social workers.

Gender Advocates are volunteer peer counselors who support other trans people through their gender journeys by helping them navigate systems and access affirming resources.

They are trans people helping other trans people thrive.

For more information and to request a call with a Gender Advocate, click below.

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Find a LGBTQIA+-Friendly Healthcare Provider

Search the directory to find an LGBTQIA+-friendly health provider near you.

Are you a provider?  Sign up to be added to the directory.

Image by Annie Spratt

Resources for Survivors of Sexual Abuse and Assault

Helping Survivors is part of a growing movement of concerned citizens, survivors, and professionals working to ensure the right of every person to build a life free from the devastating consequences of sexual assault and abuse.

The resources that they provided, at the website below, are intended for individuals who have experienced sexual assault or abuse and are seeking support.

Screen Shot 2022-11-26 at 10.10.38 AM.png

"Queer Sex Ed" Video Series

All five episodes of the new It Gets Better Project original series "Queer Sex Ed" are now available to view on "Queer Sex Ed" pairs IRL groups of friends with professional sex educators Melina Gaze and Dr. Lexx. They're having vital conversations about queer sex, sex in the media, consent,  pleasure and more while the sex educators listen in to react, offer context and bust some myths! 

NAGLY is not responsible for or involved in the content of these videos.

Image by Leon Wu

Scholarships for LGBTQIA+ Cybersecurity Students 


Cybersecurity scholarships for LGBTQIA+ students can help offset the costs of college. In addition to paying for tuition, some scholarships can be used for books, costs of living, and travel. Other scholarship benefits may include mentorship, networking opportunities, and professional memberships.


The Theater Offensive


The Theater Offensive mounts and produces festivals and individual productions by national and local queer performers, and also serves as a development environment for new theatrical work.  

They have a variety of programs throughout the year.  Check out their website below for more information.


Camp Lightbulb


Camp Lightbulb offers camps to LGBTQIA+ youth.  Click below for more information and to find out what upcoming camps that they're offering.


Free Online Library of Audiobooks and Ebooks


OverDrive is an online library where you can check out audiobooks and ebooks for free.  OverDRive has a wide variety of books, but Candid for OverDrive has a selection of books for "diversity, equality, and inclusion".  To use OverDrive, you'll just need a free, public library account.  If you don't have one contact, your local public library.  To get started with OverDrive, click below.

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