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Welcome to NAGLY's

Online Youth Art Gallery 


Each piece of art has been created by one of our youth.  We hope that you will enjoy their work. 


To enlarge a piece of artwork, please click on any image to open it in a sliding viewer.  If you are on a mobile device, click on a piece to see its title and the name of the artist and choose "see more" to see all artwork.


Please bear in mind that any reflection, glare, or white borders on a piece of art are a result of the fact that the image is a photograph of the original piece inside of a frame.  We had already framed the art to prepare for the art gallery opening, but the current situation caused us to have to photograph the art to move the gallery online.

rainbow heart.png

"The Upside Down" - Felix

"Rope" - Felix

"Shadow People" - Felix

"Rain" - Felix

"168" - Felix

"Red" - Felix

"Zoom!" - Felix

"Weeping Angel" - Felix

"Lost in Time" - Felix

"Children of the Corn" - Felix

"Inner Worlds" - Madeleine

"I am Light" - Madeleine

"In or Out" - Madeleine

"How" - Madeleine

"I Shook Til I Came Out of It" - Madeleine

"Growing Pains" - Madeleine

"Untitled" - Madeleine

"Red" - Mordecai

"Flesh" - Mordecai

"Blue" - Mordecai

"Halo" - Mordecai

"Threat" - Mordecai

"Blood" - Mordecai

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